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Had an accident?

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How Much Is My Claim Worth?

If you have been involved in an accident, through no fault of your own, then it is likely that you will be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The amount of compensation you can claim for an injury you have suffered depends on the severity of the injury itself. You could also claim back medical fees, loss of earnings, travel expenses and damages to your personal property.

While compensation awards can vary significantly from case to case, even if the circumstances seem similar, the following figures represent approximate values per injury type to give you an estimate of what you may be entitled to. To find how much your claim could be worth complete our FREE enquiry form today.

Simply click the name of the body part that correlates with your own injury:


Brain damage: £1,625 – £297,000

Epilepsy: £7,800 – £110,300

Hair: £2,900 – £8,100


Eye Injury: £1620 – £197,500

Fracture of Jaws: £4,750 – £33,500

Fracture of cheekbones: £1,700 – £11,600

Damage to Teeth: £800 – £28,000


Amputation of arm/s: £70,650 – £220,500

Other arm injuries: £4,900 – £96,250

Hand Injuries: £670 – £148,000

Wrist injuries: £2,600 – £44,000

Finger fracture: £3,500 – £27,000

Vibration White Finger: £2,200 – £28,250

Torso/Upper body

Neck injuries: £200 – £109,000

Shoulder Injuries: £3,200 – £35,300

Back Injuries: £200 – £118,300

Chest injuries: £1,600 – £110,300

Asbestos: £11,100 – £92,500

Lower Body

Injury of pelvis and hips: £2,900 – £96,250

Leg injuries: up to £6,700 – £100,000

Amputation of Leg/s: £72,000- £207,250

Knee injury: £4,300 – £70,700

Ankle injury: £10,100 – £51,200

Foot Injuries: £10,100 – £80,600

Amputation of Foot/Feet: £61,700 – £148,000

Toe injury: up to £7,050 – £15,500

Amputation of all toes: £26,850 – £41,250